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Plant Paper Box

Why switch to plant paper?  Did you know most toilet paper contains toxins like bleach and formaldehyde which can enter the body through micro cuts and cause hemorrhoids, yeast infections, and UTIs. YUCK!  And the fluffier and w=hiter the toilet paper, the more of these toxins it contains.  

Just one roll of conventional tree toilet paper uses 37 GALLONS of water and a gallon of chemicals to produce.  The water and chemicals then get dumped into our waterways polluting our planet even further than just the deforestation of cutting down tress to make the stuff. 

Plant Paper, however, is tree-free and toxin-free, made from fast growing FCS-certified bamboo. 

It's a 3-ply roll that is think and absorbent. Septic system safe.  Free of dyes and the natural color of Plant paper reflects that.  Bamboo's high tensile strength means plant paper never tears or pills, and leaves nothing behind.

Choose the better option, for you and the planet with Plant Paper.  Available in singe rolls and boxes of 8.  


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