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Book And Records Swap

Join us for a unique Book and Records Swap at our Sustainable Boutique! 🌿 Bring the joy of reading and music into our eco-conscious community. Unearth literary treasures, share your favorite tunes, and explore the world of sustainable living.
📖 BOOKS FOR ALL AGES AND GENRES 📖 Bring your gently loved books, from captivating novels and timeless classics to children's favorites. Let's create a diverse collection that sparks imagination and fosters a love for reading across all age groups.
🎵 GROOVE TO THE RHYTHM OF VINYL 🎵 Dust off those vinyl gems and share the magic of music. Bring records spanning various genres - jazz, rock, pop, and everything in between. Your musical taste can find a new home with fellow enthusiasts.
📚🎁 BOOKISH AND MUSICAL TRINKETS WELCOME 🎁📚 Enhance the experience with book-related accessories! Whether it's charming bookmarks, vintage record sleeves, or any creative items that celebrate the beauty of literature and music, share your unique finds.
🌱 CELEBRATE SUSTAINABILITY 🌱 Embrace the ethos of sustainability by giving pre-loved books and records a second life. Reduce waste and contribute to a greener world while enjoying the thrill of discovery.
👭 COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS 👬 Connect with fellow bookworms and music aficionados. Swap stories, recommendations, and the joy of finding that perfect read or record. Let's build a vibrant community that values the power of words and melodies.
Save the date for an enriching day of literary and musical exploration. Together, let's weave a tapestry of stories and melodies at our Sustainable Boutique's Book and Records Swap. See you there



Q: What types of books can I bring to the swap? A: Bring gently used books across various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, mystery, romance, sci-fi, and children's books.

Q: Can I bring textbooks or reference books? A: Yes, textbooks and reference books are welcome, as long as they are in good condition and are not outdated.

Q: Are magazines or comic books allowed? A: Yes of course!  

Q: What about audiobooks? A: Audiobooks on CDs are acceptable. Make sure the CDs are scratch-free and the packaging is intact.

Q: Can I bring vinyl records to the swap? A: Absolutely! Vinyl records in good condition from various music genres are perfect for a book and record swap.

Q: Are damaged books or records allowed? A: To maintain the quality of the swap, please bring items in good condition. Avoid bringing heavily damaged or heavily scratched items.

Q: Can I bring more than books and records, like DVDs or video games? A:Not for this swap.  Let's save that for another swap in the future!

Q: How many items can I bring to exchange? A: Participants are generally welcome to bring multiple games, but it's recommended to bring a reasonable quantity to ensure a fair exchange for everyone..

Q: Do I need to bring something to get something? A: While it's not mandatory, it's encouraged. Swaps work best when everyone contributes. Feel free to bring items even if you don't take anything home.

Q: What if I don't find something I want to swap for? A: It's okay! Swaps are about sharing and community. You can still contribute your items, and others might find them valuable.

Q: Can I bring homemade items or crafts related to books or records? A: If it relates to books and records, certainly!

We can't wait to swap with you Sunday!

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