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The End Life

Here at Mason & Greens we don't just care about how a product is produced, made or shipped ( all of those are very important to us and play a role in deciding which products and brands we add to our collections) but we look at the end life of a product too.  

Let's take for instance a reusable bag.  The most common and widely used zero waste alternative on the planet.  But what happens to a reusable bag or tote that's made out of plastic when it finally does reach the end of its life?  It is destined to the landfill.  That bag that was such a great idea at one point, no longer holds the same value and is now set to go on living for decades, wasting away in a landfill. 

This scenario is usually dumped onto unsuspecting consumers by companies who are  green washing their brands into the "eco" consumer environment.  On the surface they look good for giving you an alternative to a one time use bag but what they are truly doing is passing the unsustainable bucket down the road and to you, the consumer.  

To us, that's not what being an eco friendly sustainable shop is all about.  We look down the road to when a product does finally meet the end of its life span.  If it isn't easily and endlessly recyclable (like metal and glass) or fully biodegradable or compostable, chances are, we won't sell it to you.  

It's not easy being so selective but we know that doing the hard work of sourcing only products we know won't sit around in landfills for eons is the right way of doing business.  

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