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We Ship Trash Free

Here's the scenario: You order something online, let's say some organic cooking twine, and you wait patiently for your order to arrive and when it does it's almost comical.  The tiny package of cooking twine is swaddles in a layer of bubble wrap further protected from the damages of shipping with air pillows.  

This occurrence is so wide spread. All sorts of items shipped right to your door without even the smallest thought about where all that plastic will go.  Plastics used for shipping are almost always not recyclable (see our blog post on what really gets recycled),  in your curbside recycling bins.  This plastic is too flimsy and easily gets caught in the machines at recycling facilities, therefore is usually pulled out and sent to the trash to never be sorted or recycled at all.  

What's more baffling is why the use of plastics in shipping are so prolific when there are adequate and perfectly affordable alternative options out there.  From paper to shredded corrugated cardboard there is typically enough cushion made with the paper to protect whatever is being shipped. 

We promise to never ship anything to you with plastics.  As a Company who cares deeply about the environment and its people, it is not our place to lay the burden of trash disposal onto you.  All of our shipments are sent using fully compostable materials, including the tape, ensuring that the end life of our shipments never see a landfill. 

Fun fact: As of the writing of this article, Mason & Greens has never bought shipping materials or boxes.  We continue to use and reuse all of the materials that get shipped to us.  

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