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Zero Waste Kit - On-The-Go

This zero waste kit comes with all the essentials you need to say no to unwanted plastics you might encounter out in the wild.

In The On-The-Go Edit

Reusable Tote:

It’s not a mistake that one of the first things people think of when curbing their plastics use is quitting plastic bags. They’re everywhere. You’ve no doubt collected thousands of them in your life time and sent them to the dump never to think of them again. Plastic bags aren’t typically recyclable, their usable life span is a mere 12 minutes and they are found in the stomachs of beached sea creatures! Don’t walk around as an advertisement for a company whose plastic bag clearly says to everyone who sees it, “We don’t care enough about our planet to stop using plastic bags,” and instead show where you stand as an eco warrior with your reusable tote in tow. Preferably made out of a natural material such as organic cotton (like ours!), hemp or bamboo.

2 Tier Tiffin:

The Tiffin! Our favorite stainless steel container that does just about everything we need it to. It’s great as a lunch container for little kids and adults alike. We take it to dinner and when we have left overs, we put them in the tiffin. No more plastic take out containers!! We’ve even used our tiffin for storing food in the fridge or freezer, as a cookie jar, and it works great for craft supplies too. The options are endless.

Stainless Steel Canteen Bottle:

Over one million plastic bottles are bought around the world EVERY MINUTE!! And that number is only expected to increase as the years go on. But we can change that if we all just switched to a reusable option. The stainless steel insulated bottle in this kit is completely plastic free even the cap! It’s double walled and will keep cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 6 hours.

Stainless Steel Straw:

Have you seen the picture of the turtle with the plastic straw stuck in it’s nose? Yea, it’s a real thing and it’s not the only time a plastic straw got into our planets waterways. Many people are switching to compostable or paper straws but those still create waste and if not  discarded properly, still end up in a landfill where they will never break down. No On-The-Go kit is complete without your own personal straw, thus we threw in our favorite for this one!

Straw Cleaner - Vegan & Plastic Free:

Not all straw cleaners are equal. Some are better than others and the one in this kit is the cream of the crop. Not only is it great at cleaning straws. We see you smoothie drinkers! But the bristles on this brush are vegan AND plastic free. That means this brush doesn’t contain any synthetic or animal hair bristles making it animal friendly and compostable. Separate the bristles form the handle when done, composting the agave bristles while recycling the metal handle.

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